How To Scale Your Business 2X to 100X Or More, Working Two Days Per week, With Your Business On Autopilot

(Even If You Have No Experience & Without Having To Create Your Own Digital Content And Marketing)

April 20th

7:00 pm

Juan Jeffery


In this live training you’ll discover:

  • Where business opportunities are headed and how you can profit from them in 2023
  • How much time is required, and the minimum outlays to experience returns from
  • How to grow your business on virtual autopilot
  • How to get capital growth and cash flow at the same time
  • How and what to do to get ahead of the business game instantly!

Business is on the doorstep of the Digital Revolution, called Industry 4.0, and at the beginning of the greatest wealth transfer in history… there’s no stopping it. If you are not in on the ground floor, taking advantage of a truly once in a lifetime revolution, you will never catch up.

If you’ve been holding back on massively growing your business, now’s the time to get started.

April 20th

7:00 pm

Here's What Else You'll Discover:

  • How to quickly get started investing in strategic business initiatives the easy and sustainable way
  • The single biggest MISTAKE that most business owners make when getting started with growing and scaling their business
  • How to grow your business portfolio the right way
  • The #1 secret the banks wont tell you and how to get multiple lenders fall over their feet to offer you money
  • Why the recent downturn in the economy and pandemic has seen business opportunity explode in 2023
  • The biggest risks associated with business growth and how to reduce them
  • CASE STUDY: How a medium size business scaled 1000X in 12 months!

About the Presenter

Juan Jeffery | Mentor | Author is a company focused on mentoring business owners to grow from a 6 figure business to a 7 Figure+ business is a company with a mission, focused on creating 1,000,000 wealthy investors, with the delivery of authoritative and up-to-date tools, products, training, and strategies for massively scaling online and offline businesses.

With a special emphasis on wealthy mindsets, business systems, automation, and their inclusion in the sales and marketing plans for businesses of all sizes. has an unparalleled reputation for expertise in this area.